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AOPA Never Again

Dec 9, 2014

If it weren’t for the roar of the 230-horsepower Continental engine, you could have heard a pin drop. We would have preferred to hear the gear drop.

Never Again: Two-in-One Airplane (Jan. 2015)

Dec 4, 2014

A 182 pilot gets two post-maintenance surprises.

Nov 14, 2014

A Bonanza pilot discovers that there is normal "Chicago winter cold" and then there is "popped-door winter cold."

Oct 17, 2014

An electrical failure in IMC requires instruments to be read by matchlight. (Originally published in the Feb. 1997 issue of 'AOPA Pilot' magazine.)

Aug 25, 2014

A Champ pilot underestimates his passenger's weight with nearly disastrous consequences.